How To Flirt With A Girl You Like – 10 Amazing Ways

flirt-with-a-girlFlirting is an art of making other person wants you.. You have to flirt with a girl firstly, if you want her to be your girlfriend. Also, flirting will help you to attract a girl you like..

How to flirt with a girl

Are you ready to master the art of flirting? In this post, I am gonna tell you some ways that will help you to flirt with a girl you like.. Flirting is the easiest way to get attention from a particular girl.. Here I go –

1. Keep Smiling – Smile will make you so much more approachable. If you keep on smiling, people will surely like the way you’re living and it will help you in getting interacted. Smile lights up your face and draws people to you. So next time, when you see a girl, just SMILE.

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2. Be Positive – I know we all have different taste. But, don’t say that you don’t like these things. Talk to the person you are flirting with about things you like and enjoy. If you like to play Basketball, say you do.. You must always avoid controversial topics or things you really don’t like. If you talk about things that you hate will make you sound negative.. Also, you should talk about the positive things.. For example, if she likes to hangout with you at some place, don’t talk about the negative things about that place.. Instead, talk about positive things.. Being negative is always a mistake when flirting.

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3. Call her by her name – Use her name every time when you want to get attention. Instead of talking to her like “Hey! you should try this outfit”, talk to her by her name “Angela, why don’t you try this outfit”. When people use your name directly, you always feel valued and special. I think its now clear to you

4. Making an eye contact – You should talk with her by directly seeing deep in her eyes. Look into her eyes gently and then glance away.. Do not stare as it can turn off her. You can look into her eyes for 3-4 seconds and then glance away.. Don’t look at her b00bs at any cost. She may slap you and may not talk to you any more. Keep it gentle while talking to her.

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5. Be a good listener – Listen to your partner twice as much as you speak. Every single girl loves to be heard. When she’s telling something, don’t interrupt as it will make her feel bad.. She may think that you don’t want to listen to her and that’s why you are talking much!

6. Give compliments – Compliments play an important role when you’re flirting with a girl.. Also, your compliments must be honest, sincere and genuine. Go tell her that she smells nice.. Ask her about her perfume or deodorant. This way, you can win her heart.

7. Let her imagine things – Well, this is one of the most important thing if you want her to become your girlfriend. ‘I think’ and ‘I wonder’ are really good ways to start sentences when flirting. If you want to talk to her, don’t say that “Hey! How are you?”. These types are really boring and common.. She have seen so many guys that wanted to talk to her. Instead, you can start with “I think we should go for walk or a ride”. This will help you getting more closer to her.



8. Ask questions – Let her know that you want to listen to her. Ask her about the things which she is talking about.. If she is talking about her last day, ask her how she enjoyed being at a particular place! This will show her that you’re interested in listening to her even if you’re not.

9. Never look down when speaking – I have mentioned in point #4 that you should make an eye contact while flirting with a girl you like. If you want to flirt with a girl, never look down when speaking to her. Look at her and make regular eye contact after a minute for 3-4 seconds. This will let her know that you’re quite interested in her.

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10. Keep on flirting – If you want to flirt with a girl, keep trying! I have seen so many girls that don’t want any guy to flirt with them.. But, this is temporary.. Keep flirting with her and she might like you one day.. Walk with confidence, keep your head high, and be open to getting approached and one day, you will master the art of flirting.