How to overcome cultural barrier and start communication with Russian woman?

maringwomensWhile thinking o marrying Russian women must not overlook the fact that there are considerable differences between former soviet countries and western ones. Russian women are undoubtedly the best ones for marriage; however marriage requires communication and ability to find compromise. And namely for this, one must know the cultural aspects and potential motives of actions of his second half.

Life is quite hard in Russia. The economic crisis, which started with the collapse of the USSR didn’t seize to exist up until now. It is extremely hard to find a decent job, and even if you find it – you won’t be making a lot. Bills for food and commodities are huge and the majority of people are poor. That is why Russian women aren’t accustomed to luxury and don’t require high maintenance. They are born natural fighters for survival in the poor conditions.

Due to the above mentioned hardships, Russian people almost never smile. They even have a saying: “laughter without a cause is a sign of stupidity”. That is why if you will be smiling on the streets in Russia – they will either interpret your smile as an attempt to make fun of them or will think that you are narrow-minded. Your Russian wife will also not understand you if you will be smiling all the time. The heavy burden of financial problems and massive depression make Russian people quite serious and not so friendly.

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It’s not a secret that Russian people drink a lot. If you are planning on marrying Russian woman you will inevitably be forces to meet her family. And this means that you will be invited to a dinner. You will have to bring a small gift and insist that hostess takes it, even though she will be refusing – that’s a custom. Further on – you will have to sit at the table. Remember not to start eating before you are told so. Some people may be awaited for and it is customary to wait for everybody to come.bestrussiandate

While dining you should try all the dishes, which are on the table. Thus you will show the hostess that her efforts were well appreciated. Before the first course of dishes is brought up on the table, the hostess or someone among the guests will say a toast. Russian people usually stand up to listen to the toast and to clink glasses. After that they drink.

Remember not to drink your glass to the bottom; otherwise you will be immediately given a new full glass, most likely of vodka. Russians, women included, don’t drink from small glasses or from glasses half-full. They will pour you a whole glass of vodka, which will contain about 100 – 200 ml and you will have to drink it all. That is why it will be vise not to drink it all at once.

After you bring your wife to your country – it is worth to find a Russian culture center. People in these centers usually help immigrants from their country to adapt to the new environment, learn about social aspects and improve English. Russian women are very smart, they learn quickly and your Russian wife will know English in no time.

Alongside with introducing her to the ways of learning about your community – you should take her out more often. It doesn’t have to be an expensive diner at the restaurant – just go to the park, se people – thus she will learn all the aspects of the community you are living in.

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