I met my husband abroad.

Russian wife freeConfessions, of a Russian wife. Ksenia Stones, lives in Orlando, Florida, with a husband and a beautiful baby boy the second year. During her first year in the country she was able to do a lot of things. Ksenia studies English, passed the exam for driving license, drives a car, sings in the church choir, made friends. But the most important thing, she is very happy. Each of Russian brides has such a history of emigration, but nevertheless, each of them has their own, and started this story with a happy ending for many years ago in the marriage Agency. Today Xenia remembers how her family happiness has started.

The first time she referred to the agency when she was eighteen years old, but she was not very lucky at that moment in the attempt to find a husband abroad. Now she realizes why it went wrong, because mostly it was the wish of her parents to find her a husband abroad. . But she was young and did not think at all about a committed relationship. Although she had a conversation with a man who was twenty eight years old from Sweden, but apparently he didn’t see her interest, and disappeared. Another problem was that she did not invested even a penny

Into that as she was placing the profile on free sites only, and there was no interest. I think if you want results, you need to pay! Although men abroad don’t realize that Russian women sometimes do not have the money to buy tights, not to mention investing into correspondence. But three years have passed and she decided to start everything from the beginning.

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The reason was the fact that her marriage with a Russian guy has failed. She got divorced with her husband, and remained with a five months old baby in her arms, without work and without means of subsistence. Her mother also did not work, and her stepfather got so little that they all were barely surviving. She tried to get a job, but everywhere was required dedication of time and effort, which she did not, had due to a small baby. So at so called family council the entire family has decided that she needs to look for a husband, and to create a family again. But the Russian men were not in a hurry to take a woman and with a baby, so she thought that the best thing would be to look for a husband abroad.


She didn’t know from where to start so she came to the agency that has helped her placing the profile, making the story of her life, and they even made a small video with her presentation. Her letters were translated to her for a reasonable price, and they even advised her, what to write in the response in order to keep the interest of her man. Also they were supporting and helping her in the moments when she was ready to give up on everything.

The only thing she had to do, was riding 2 times a week to the agency, where she was spending several hours. She was advised to answer all of the emails the first time without exception, even if it seemed to her that men who were writing were not serious, or writing nonsense. Also she had to invent questions that she was asking them in order to get to know them better and find out their intentions in life. It’s not as easy as it seems at first sight! And before she left to America, she left all the correspondence with her future (at that time) husband to her friend, for who it became a sort of example how to behave.

So it is all not that difficult as it might seem to look like, the only thing that really matters believes that the thing you are doing is right, this way everything will happen in the best possible way. And also an important thing to remember knows that beside you, there also is a man whose interests, dreams and desires are also very important, so it is a must to keep that in mind, and living with this thought.

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