Information Russian women usually provide while corresponding.


Well we can see this issue on a certain example. Claire has started communicating with a man from France, not a long time ago, in his first letters he was asking some personal things , like what are the things she likes to do in her spare time, about her job, about the things that make her smile, or make her cry, about her work and so on. He has wrote her that he is a very romantic man, and she enjoyed reading that as romance was exactly the thing that she needed so desperately in her life, in the fourth letter, he asked for her phone number, her full name and the address of the place where she lives, he explained his desire to know this information with the fact that he wants to send her flowers, as she didn’t had that much experience in communicating with foreigners she has answered in a very delicate way that this kind of attention is too early for them (as she was afraid to give him her address) in the next letter he insisted again on getting her personal address, as he already got her phone number and name. So that has brought her to the situation when she felt awkward and didn’t know how to react, of course from one point of view it is something normal to have interest towards the person you like, but lately there are so many stories about people who are using someone’s private information in order to do some wrong law suiting cases, and at the same time she is afraid that if she will not provide this information, than he might think she is not serious and disappear once and for good from her life.


Claire’s problem is the fact that she is looking at the problem only from one side, from her own interest, which is not right at all, as there isn’t anything dangerous in asking too many questions, not only the Russian girls are afraid of too many questions asked, but the foreigners as well, as they ruusian meet a lot of girls scammers on their way, who are looking for financial benefits during the communication, which eventually makes those men very cautious and trying to get as much information as they can in order to know that they communicate with a real person, and this wonderful dream they are in now, is meant to last and not to finish with a nightmare, broken hearts and broken dreams.

And if thinking more thoroughly, Russian women unfortunately are used to get flowers from their men only on some special occasions, that is why as soon as they get flower without any special occasion, for example just because it is Friday, they get all cautious about it, and try to realize what is the catch, while there is no catch in that, there is a simple desire to show the feelings and that’s it. For that man sending flowers to his woman meant to show that he is serious about her, and has plans for their common future. There is a very small chance that he tried to find out all of this information in order to come into a foreign to him country and knock on your door, or do some other crazy thing. There is no point in being afraid of someone, but it is a need to think about everything carefully and to be able to analyze. And the other important topic, did he mentioned his own address? Not that he should certainly do it. This way the situation between you two will be totally equal.

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Every woman is smart enough in order to change man’s opinion about everything, and to make him do the things, that in reality she needs more, than him, that is why it is a very good thing to be aware of the female wisdom and the knowledge of how to use it properly without upsetting the man by your side. All, of those things are called happy family life and harmony.