Singles from Shanghai are more into Foreigners

Singles from ShanghaiIt is an interesting fact that singles from Shanghai are more willing to date and marry not the locals, but foreigners. Over 75% of local singles would prefer starting a relationship with people from abroad. Today over 75 000 of Shanghai residents are registered at international on-line dating sites hoping to meet a soul mate among people residing overseas. The number of people willing to find a foreign life-time partner increases on a regular basis.

Females make a greater part of the singles looking to marry a partner from abroad. About half of the women are open to date men from overseas, while only 20% of the local men are interested in international relationships.

It is interesting to learn the reasons why Shanghai people are interested in foreigners more than their local counterparts and why they are so receptive to move outside from their homeland when it comes to dating.

The first most common reason is that singles from Shanghai are quite open-minded when it comes to international dating. It is worthwhile mentioning that people residing in big cities of China are more interested to meet people on an international scale rather than those, residing in provinces. This fact can be explained by Shanghai being a more Westernized city than the rest of China.

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Another reason is that over 45% of local single women want to start a family with a man from overseas as they consider mixed babies to turn out more attractive and smarter.

Over 42 percent of local singles agree on the third not less spread reason of marrying someone from overseas as they hope for the better education and social welfare system for their future children.  Others choose foreigners for relationship to just simply expand their dating options.


The motives of singles from Shanghai engaging with foreigners today, independent women, in particular, have changed immensely during recent years. If prior the cross-cultural marriage was a way out  of the country, now, when the economic condition has improved in China, most women, especially those, who are financially secure, look for their love and happiness and wait the same in return.

Nowadays, local women tend to seek for a balanced relationship full of love and a harmonious family life. These women have no problems accepting a foreign partner if he can offer these things. Still, the major obstacles for cross-cultural couples are adjustments to foreign mentality, habits and communication methods.

The high standards the Shanghai society has received with the development and economical growth continue to challenge the relationships. Around half of the unattached population of the city refuses to lower their standards even with the age. Over 80% of Shanghai population would accept a partner without a car and a house, but they expect their soul mate to get it within first 5 years of common life. If you are interested in finding a partner from Shanghai you should be happy as there are many singles looking to marry a foreigner.