Thailand Women Dating/ How to? A Guide for Western Men

If you are a Western man looking for the information on how to date a Thai woman than this article can be very helpful. Present article can become an answer to your woes and with its help you can avoid many frustrations and misunderstandings.

First, of all women of Thailand are like any other women in the world. When dating a Thai girl you can get much confusion, since Thailand has a bad reputation of high rates of prostitution and other sexual liberties. However, when you choose Thailand women dating you need to bear in mind that the average Thai woman is a human being and a person of high morals and values. Thai culture is different from the Western one and Thai people prefer to say nothing rather than telling something hurtful, that is why they are often thought of as liars and insincere people, but this is not true.

If you compare Western women and Thai girls, the last are more conservative. The average Thailand girl will never sleep with you on the first date, unless you are dating a prostitute. To be sexually suggestive and promiscuous is a bad thing in a Thai society.

Another problem you can face during your Thailand women dating journey is prejudice. If a Thai girl has a Western boyfriend, many people would suspect her of prostituting. This prejudice exists in both Thai and Western minds.

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Due to this, you need to ensure you treat your Thai lady with respect, dignity, honor and love. Do invite her for a date discreetly and gently. Never make sexual advances on a row of initial dates. Never bring up the topic of sex with your Thailand lady, so that she realizes your motives are sincere. Show your affection and special attitude to her with the help of small gifts and tokens of attention: poem, chocolate, flower. There is no need to buy expensive gifts, as you may scare the girl away by doing so.

The difference you need to learn about Asian dating is the understanding of her heritage and culture; however, she is still a woman and will like and dislike the things that women of other cultures do.

If you are a Western man, who experiences troubles with the women from your local culture, then trying dating with Thai women can be not the best idea. Although the ladies of Thailand are considered to be more sensual and feminine, they still possess their dreams, needs, desires and wants, like any other women. So, if you want to learn how to date a girl from Thailand, you need to know how to date women in general.