The Best Free Dating App For Your 2021 Homecoming

Is DateHookup the best free dating app? Well, it might be one of the firsts Android dating app but it certainly is not the first. It was launched a few months back and so far it is topping the charts in the Google play store chart. It has taken the mobile dating industry by storm with its hookup online feature. It combines all the great features of a traditional dating site with the amazing features of an internet dating app.

So why is DateHookup the best free dating app?

datehookup free dating app

Every fashion of dating app. Not everyone into online dating; some prefer to hookup on a real life situation instead. DateHookup, like many other android applications, tries to appeal to its users by catering to their tastes and preferences.

It has two different layouts to choose from; a home page design and a profile/search function. Users can customize their settings to create a profile that allows them to search for potential matches. This function is pretty self explanatory and offers options such as filtering results to show only the most relevant matches; users can also set a maximum length of time they would like to keep searching for a potential match. After setting this maximum, the user has the option to show all matches and search for more.

The messaging system of DateHookup is simple

Users can browse through contacts and message any member of the online dating service. To add a new friend to the system, all you need to do is send a message. This makes it easy to stay connected to your friends while on the go. Users can even create groups, search for groups that interest them, and view other activity from other singles.

In order to make it easy to search for potential matches, the mobile app for Tinder is extremely simple to use. The interface looks very similar to the iPhone version and works very much the same way. Users can browse through matches by location, gender, and interest.

After searching, the matches are listed in order of proximity. This is perfect for users who want to narrow down their searches to a specific area.

While Tinderella may not have as many features as the other two dating services, it does have one that will appeal to most singles. Users can create a profile and search for other singles from their area. If a match is found, the user will be sent a short message. The messages can be sent from an Android phone, Blackberry, or any other device that has access to wireless technology.