What Are The Problems Between Rich Women And Poor Dating Together!

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Online dating has become a most sort after thing in the present society. There are n number of dating apps which offer virtual platform to men and women for meeting, chatting, giving time to each other and finally getting together into a relationship. There can be many variations of online dating apps such as rich women dating app, rich men dating app, bisexual dating apps and so on. People find an app as per their preferences and register on them to start dating.

Now days another very common dating trait seen is rich women looking for poor guys for dating. Many online dating apps actually ask for your financial background and categorise you accordingly on their dating app. Technically speaking there is nothing wrong in togetherness of a rich women and a poor guy. Love is love in the end and it does not know financial boundaries. But apart from being lovers two people meeting on the dating app are humans too and they have their own sets of ego and super ego. Such a relationship with economic disparity can have its own problems and some of them are listed below.

  • First and the foremost problems in a relationship with economic disparity are hurting of male ego of the poor guy. May be the rich woman does it unintentionally but economic help and support offered by a female hurts the ego of the male after a point. It may not be true for all men as some might like the help received by the counterpart but any man with self respect and desire to do something on his own will not appreciate bill payments, shopping of his needs or other financial aid by his girlfriend. It can create a major gap between the two.
  • Another problem commonly seen in such a relationship is that such disparity can give undue ego to the girl making her bossy and dominating. When a girl is taking care of financial needs of a man, she may feel that it is due to her that relationship is working out. She will always want to have an upper hand in the relationship, direct the man as per her wishes, dominate all the important decisions and be bossy in almost every issue associated with both of them. Such domination may lead the man to drive away from the girl or constant arguments in the relationship.


  • Another problem faced by togetherness of two people of two different economic backgrounds is social problem. People living in the society have mouth and they can use it to speak any non sense they want. Whether it is true or not, society may end up blaming the man for hitching the girl just for her money. Such social allegations can again create ego tussles between the man and the woman. Our society is such who has difficulty in accepting a woman having upper hand in a relationship. And such issues can create lot of problems between the couple. Reading more at toptenrichmendatingsites.com