What is Tinder: Top facts about the famous hookup app

Tinder is number one casual sex app in the world, but still, some facts about it remain barely known. There’s a lot of info one still needs to adsorb in order to use it right and benefit from it.

  • Tinder covers all civilized part of the world, with its 58 mln. users in 90 countries.
  • It is mostly used for free, with only 4.5 mln. paid members worldwide.
  • Tinder is a night chat app, with about 60 percent of users online after 9 p.m.
  • Teenage online dating and hookups mostly take place exactly on Tinder app.
  • The owner, Match Group is allegedly the richest dating app developer on the market
  • Tinder beats all records of popularity in Latin America, especially in Brazil
  • Most people find it so superficial that never even meet their matches in real
  • Male users instantly say Hi on Tinder with 12 characters max. in a message
  • At least a half of female users secretly hope they’ll still find smth long-term there
  • Tinder Select is a whole another app than Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold packs
  • Currently, it slightly loses its positions to hookup aggregators and cheap escort apps