Why Husbands Go on Dating Sites?

Online dating sites provide opportunities for men to interact with other men and women. Today men can access the data base from any computer or lap top that has Internet connection. Many present dating sites have a wide range of applications enhancing opportunities of new potential relationships’ exploration. Sometime husbands go on dating sites out of pure curiosity, but this curiosity can come from desires that are different for each individual man.

Some men want more human contact. Scientists say that hormone oxytocin may be in charge of promoting monogamy and help both men and women sustain pairs. Oxytocin is released by the brain during sex, pleasant touch and positive social interaction. Husbands, not getting sex from their wives or lack positive interactions with them can use on-line dating sites to look for a healthier relationship.


Another hormone testosterone conflicts with the monogamous effect provided by hormone oxytocin, thus, the higher levels of testosterone make a man more self-focused in terms of sexual satisfaction. That is why some husbands go on dating sites to satisfy their hormonal urge.


Inferiority is another reason why some husbands go on-line dating. Unhappy husbands look for objects to cheat on their wives. Statistics shows that men, who depend on wife’s income, are 5 times more likely to cheat. Such men go on dating sites out of the feeling of financial inferiority.

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Dating sites can help straight men find other straight men for homoerotic fantasies. Straight men have sex with heterosexual men just because they like sex itself and are not attracted to the other man. These sorts of husbands look for sexual experiences.

Some men with high income cheat just because they have opportunity for this.  High income jobs provide cheating opportunities, such as business trips, late night job, travel and great financial support.

Some husbands go on on-line dating sites out of technological curiosity for the new applications and possibilities of chat. These men look for new opportunities to find like-minded cheaters. It is worthwhile to mention that some dating sites are designed for people looking for extramarital relations.


No matter why your husband goes on a dating site, be sure he is cheating on you or will do this sooner or later. If you sense you are not paying enough attention and care to him, then work on this until is too late. Still, it is up to you to accept this sort of a ‘hobby’ on your husband’s side or not.